Traffic Engineering Design

Traffic engineering design is an integral part of every transportation design project.  We incorporate traffic engineering design principles for all users of the transportation systems, while focusing on the constructability of the design.

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Permanent Signing and Striping Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Roundabout Design
  • Illumination

Traffic Engineering Studies

Our engineers have focused their careers in traffic engineering and therefore have the expertise to perform a variety of traffic engineering studies and develop creative solutions.

  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Interstate Access Change Reports
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Signal Timing and Coordination Plans
  • “Road Diets”/”Right-Sizing”
  • Access Management
  • Roadway Corridor Studies/PEL Studies
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management
  • Speed Studies
  • Traffic Calming

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design and Studies

Transportation engineers are regularly challenged to balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists as agencies look for different ways to alleviate traffic congestion and promote public health and active transportation.  Our goal is to develop practical solutions that incorporate industry guidelines.

  • Accessible Route Studies
  • Bikeways Studies and Plans
  • Multi-Use Trail Plans
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Studies
  • Pedestrians & Bicycle Facility Design
  • Complete Streets Planning
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Training & Grant Writing

Illumination Design and Studies

  • Roadway Illumination Analysis (photometric analysis)
  • Roadway Illumination Design
  • High Mast Illumination Design
  • LED Street Lighting Conversion Studies

Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • ITS Feasibility Studies
  • ITS Planning and Systems Engineering
  • ITS Communication Planning and Design
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Studies and Plans

Special Services

  • Public Involvement for Transportation Projects
  • Third-Party and Quality Reviews of Transportation Drawings and Studies
  • Transportation Funding Grant Applications

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