Who is MaxGreen?

MaxGreen is not a “who” but a “what.” Those in the traffic engineering biz will know that Maximum Green is a signal timing parameter that represents the maximum amount of time that a green signal indication is allowed to be displayed in the presence of a conflicting demand. But the name “MaxGreen” also acknowledges the importance of our environment in the development of solutions.  

Our Philosophy: We take a holistic approach to our projects. As an example, traffic engineers are taught to study the impacts, and design for conditions, at the worst times of the day - generally the morning and evening peak hours. Additionally, we are often asked to build to accommodate conditions 20 years into the future. Blindly following these guidelines can result in overbuilding facilities that may be underused most of the time. Not only is this a poor use of funds, it can also have unnecessary disruptions to the community. So rather than just ask, “What will the impacts be during the morning and evening rush hours twenty years in the future?” we also ask, “What effects will the proposed change have on conditions the rest of the hours of the day/the interim years?” and, “Is there a solution in the middle that might work for both?”

Our Vision: It’s simple: we will come up with creative solutions, do quality work, and be responsive not just to our clients, but to all who are involved with our projects.

Since 1993

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“I’ve worked with Karen Aspelin on a number of transportation projects. Karen is a true professional who cares about the quality of her work and always goes the extra mile to see that things are done right. Her engineering experience is vast and well complemented with her unique skill-set. I highly recommend Karen and her team at MaxGreen for any projects in need of dependable engineering.”

-Andrew Varoz, City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development, Project Manager

"Karen has worked with me and Bernalillo County on an on-call basis for the last three years, and on many project-specific transportation jobs since the mid-1990s. Her knowledge and attention to detail have assisted in keeping our projects on schedule and within budget. I feel confident in recommending Karen's services. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, extremely responsive, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions."

-Rodrigo Eichwald, P.E., Bernalillo County Public Works Division, Project Engineer 

"The Albuquerque City Council found itself facing a number of public health and safety issues in the City's southeast side. Knowing of her previous work, they came to Karen to address these issues on two arterial roads – Zuni Road and Silver Avenue. Karen blended quantitative measurement tools of traffic engineering with qualitative community-based outreach to develop plans that helped reduce traffic speeds, improve safety, and facilitate use by all roadway users."

- Tom Menicucci, City of Albuquerque, City Council Analyst

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